Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Loan System Enhancements and Changes

A number of enhancements and changes to the loan system are planned for implementation from summer 2009. These are designed to increase and simplify access to books, especially, core texts. If you would like to comment on these changes or have any other suggestions please let us know.

The main changes are:

More Seven Day Loan Copies
Additional Seven Day Loan copies will be provided for ‘in-demand’ books, partly through additional purchase and partly by converting Normal Loan copies. Seven Day Loan copies will remain renewable (phone and Internet) for up to seven further loan periods unless placed on Hold by another user. Seven Day loan copies will be available for loan over vacations.

Introduction of One Day Loan Copies
A small number (c.500-1,000) One Day Loan copies will be provided of core texts listed as essential reading. Items borrowed one day will be due for return by closure the following day (this to include Saturday and Sunday). One Day Loan will not be eligible for Holds, or be available for vacation loans.

Introduction of Reference Only Copies
A limited number of (c.500) Reference Only copies will be provided of core text listed as essential reading. These items will be confined to use in the Learning centre only at all times.

Integrated Shelving Arrangement
All the above categories will be shelved in the main shelving sequences on the first and second floors of the Learning Centre. One Day and Reference Only copies will be clearly labelled and all the above categories will receive priority re-shelving.

More E-Books
The existing programme of e-book purchase will be enhanced to ensure that, subject to availability and cost-effectiveness, e-book versions of heavy demand core texts listed as essential reading are available. Access to e-books via the library catalogue will be simplified.

Reserve Collection Discontinued
The existing Reserve collection held on closed access behind the Ground Floor Desk will be discontinued. It is anticipated that the majority of items remaining in this collection will be converted to One Day loan.

Remodelled Reference Collection
The Reference Collection on the first floor (adjacent to Information & Help Desk), will be remodelled and rebranded as a general ‘quick’ reference section featuring key directories, dictionaries, etc. All other retained reference material such as encyclopedias, which will remain non-loan, will be integrated with other material in the main book sequence.

Simplified Holds and Recalls
The existing Recall procedure (where a message to return a book before the due date is generated because it has been requested by another user) will be largely abolished. Holds placed by users over the Internet etc will no longer generate Recalls; these will now only be placed on application to Library staff. The Holds system will be adjusted to ensure that where there is a significant queue for a book loan periods will be shortened. The result should be improved circulation of in-demand texts and an end to users receiving Recall requests for books after a few days which are subsequently unnecessary due to return of another copy.

Adjusted Fines Rates
To ensure that Seven and One Day loan books are returned promptly, fines rates will be set at 50p per day for Seven Day and £1.00 per Day for One Day. The maximum fine that can be incurred on any item will be raised to £10.00. The amount of fines owed at which borrowing privileges are suspended will be raised to £10.00 from £5.00. The rate of fines on Normal (28 day) Loan books will remain unchanged at 10p per day. It has been agreed that 10% of fines will be donated to assist the development of the library at St John’s University in Tanzania.

In addition to the above, it is hoped to completely remodel the online catalogue to provide a much improved and simpler interface that will make finding books and other items easier. This will include the ability to look for books, periodical articles and other materials (federated searching) in one simple Google-like search.

Please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions as a result of these changes.

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