Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Using Athens Login for Student Discounts

Quite a few students have been asking about Athens usernames and passwords because they’ve been having problems registering with sites offering discounts which require them to log in using Athens.
Your University username and password is your Athens username and password.
Here is a guide to registering with Unidays to help you:
1. Go to the Unidays site and click on “join now”
2. Fill out the online form and click on “join now”
3. Type York St John in the “Select your Institution” box and click on York St John University
4. Click on Log In Using Athens
5. At this stage you may see the following. Click on Alternative Login.
6. Type York St John in the Quick Search box and click Go
7. Click on York St John University
8. Then click on Go to the York St John University login page
9. You should now login with your University username and password

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