Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Get more content from Google Scholar

What is Google Scholar?

Google Scholar is a web search engine that allows you to search for scholarly literature across a broad range of subjects and sources.  It doesn't index everything as not all publishers have agreed access to their content.  A great deal of content is still only available through the electronic publications and databases to which Information Learning Services subscribes - all of these can be found through the Discover search tool on the Information Learning Services website. 

Linking Google Scholar and Discover

Google Scholar can be linked to Discover which allows seamless full text access to online journal articles subscribed to by Information Learning Services.  This means that you will have access to far more full text content than you would normally.  Just follow these steps:
  •  Go to GoogleScholar and click on the settings link
  • Look for and click on the Library Links option
  • Type YSJ into the search box, select York St John University – Get it @YSJ and click on Save

Now carry out a search as normal on Google Scholar and look for the Get it @ YSJ links.  Get it @ YSJ will take you to the full text of the article through Discover.  You may need to log on to Discover the first time you click on a Get it @ YSJ link.  

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