Friday, 14 December 2012

Meet Matt, Our Graduate Trainee!

Meet Matt!  He's a graduate trainee here in Fountains.  He has decided to stick with us after his three years as a student at York St. John.  He has control of twitter until the 4 January.  To follow his tweets, look for ^MT.  

After being a student of Product Design at St John for the last three years, I’ve moved across Fountains and into the office to become ILS’ latest graduate intern. If you haven’t seen me dashing to and fro across the library, you’ll have definitely seen me advertising the university on a massive billboard at the train station.
While I’ve been here, it’s been my job to develop a little something called SMILE. I can’t say much about what that is right now… but you’ll find out much more in the New Year. For now, all I’m going to say is that it might pay to keep your eyes peeled. (Honestly, that’s the least subtle hint you’ll hear this side of Christmas.)
Other than SMILE, I work on a whole raft of ILS-themed bits and pieces – mostly design for web and print. I’m not a librarian, so please don’t ask me about books, it won’t end well for any of us. But while I’m in control of the ILS Twitter, I want to actually hear from a few of you! Ask me anything about anything.

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