Friday, 4 January 2013

Meet Deputy Director Steve, one of our newest team members

For the week beginning the 7 January, Deputy Director Steve will be taking on Twitter.  Below is a little more about him.  Look out for his tweets identified with a ^SP!


I am  the Deputy Director of ILS, with specific responsibility for IT – in other words, ask me about computers, don’t ask me about books!

I came from the University of Southampton where I started about 13 years ago as a techy geek working on Unix systems.  Over the years, I diversified in technology, and then was promoted into management.  It was around this time I started wearing shirts, and later suits, instead of t-shirts and jeans.  For the last few years, I was Head of Research Support in Southampton University’s IT department and came to York St John in November, bringing with me a lot of IT experience and qualifications in a small range of management acronyms.

The library side of things is new to me and I’m slowly starting to get used to Library and information management jargon.  So maybe you can ask me about books.  I didn’t foresee my career spreading into this area as well, but it’s all interesting and challenging.  I’m also finding it quite fun to work in a smaller, friendly organisation which has a strong student focus.

I think Fountains and ILS are doing great, and I’m looking forward to helping to maintain and improve on what we’ve done so far.  Feel free to say hi to me or ask any questions to @YSJ_ILS while I’m in control of it this week.

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