Friday, 13 September 2013

Meet Dianne, our Head of Information Services tweeting this week (16-20 September)

I am the Head of Information Services, which is the customer facing side of Information Learning Services. The Information Services section comprises the Library Question Point team, IT helpdesk, Library circulation, support for all University IT hardware and software, and user support for both staff and students working and studying either on site or remotely.

I initially came to YSJ 12 years ago as Conference Operations Manager but later moved into Facilities management before becoming  Head of ICT 6 years ago.  Having just completed my MA in Leading Innovation and Change it was for my leadership rather than technical skills that I was selected for the role but I soon became absorbed with the potential that technology has to fundamentally change the way we work and study, and have a particular interest in Digital Anthropology. In my spare time I am exploring how social networking platforms such as Facebook have replaced traditional community groups, in particular those relating to faith.

When ICT and Library Services converged to become the Directorate of Information Learning Services I moved into my new role and thus have the opportunity to shape how students and staff can access our various services. My working day can involve anything from deploying the techies to sort out an urgent issue in a teaching room, to organising storytelling sessions in our School Library.

I’m also the person who provided the panda in the bamboo tree in Fountains- have you spotted it yet? 

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