Sunday, 22 September 2013

Meet Matt, our Digital Services Officer tweeting this week! (23-27 September)

I work as part of the Digital Services and Resources team as the library’s Digital Services Officer – well, in training at least. I started in the role earlier this summer, after my time with ILS as a Graduate Intern helping to build the university’s digital literacy package SMILE. Hopefully a few of you will have been using that already :) If not, just head to Moodle and SMILE will be there on your home page. Let me know what you think!

Other aspects of my role involve the maintenance of other online packages such as PILOT, keeping on top of the library’s web pages, and ensuring that the library’s management system runs smoothly. I really didn’t appreciate how much happens behind the scenes when I was a student here!


You may also have seen a few posters popping up around the library staircases, or maybe you’ve picked up one of our leaflets – you can hold me responsible for those, too.

Look out for ^MT at the end of any of my tweets :) Say hi!

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